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Dock Marina Club

Yachting school, marina, and watersports equipment rental in Prague 8.

Activities in DOCK MARINA CLUB

Yachting school for children and adults

For the love of yachting! That's what we teach our students. Our program teaches yachting skills during all seasons of the year. Sign up your children for regular lessons or one of our suburban summer camps!

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Yachting for adults

We'll teach you to pilot a sailboat. We offer group lessons on weekdays or individual lessons that can be arranged for the time and day of your convenience.

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Rowing for adults

Rowing is the king of water sports. We know that too. Join us and experience the simple joy of riding, strengthening your mind and body.

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Boat docking

Our modern marina is located in the attractive setting of the DOCK residence in the center of Prague. All-inclusive maintenance services are available for docked vessels, including regular washing, winterizing, repairs and maintenance, and dewinterizing.

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Boat and paddleboard rental

We bring a plethora of great summer activities to the DOCK. Visit our rental outlet on a hot summer day and have fun on the Vltava. A romantic picnic on a boat, an evening rowing workout, or a family trip. We look forward to your visit!

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we anchored the Element - a house printed on a 3D printer, which is equipped with modern technologies and meets modern environmental trends.


Dock Marina Club

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Boudníkova 2506/1
180 00 Praha 8, Česko

operates Yacht club cere, z.s. (ičo: 70104565)

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Rowing for adults

For novice and advanced rowers, we have prepared regular group or individual trainings. There are sports skiffs for two / four rowers. The coach "rides" with you on a skiff and teaches you directly from the boat. The location of the DOCK is perfect for rowing - after leaving the marina, the river opens up and its calm atmosphere surrounded by nature. Trainings take place from April to the end of September. For participants, it is possible to change in the club locker rooms right by the water. We look forward to you!

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